Thanks for visiting my web site which will give you an introduction to my 3 published novels 1)  The Chinese Attack: Ypres 1917 2)  Love, Freedom or Death 3) Refuse to Forget Recently interviewed for Female First – online here TCA OCT 2014The Chinese Attack   John Bishop was born in Heswall on the Wirral and now lives in Codsall near Wolverhampton. Originally an English teacher, he was for six years a College Principal in Birmingham. In WW1 his grandfather was a sergeant with the Chinese Labour Corps, for whom he had a high regard. The lack of material he left – some photos and two Chinese paintings done on parachute silk – dictated that this book should be a novel. John Bishop has published a number of articles and short stories. As he didn’t give up the day job, this was his first novel (2012) and is now available in a second edition as an ebook (all formats) with the title: The Chinese Attack – Ypres 1917.  In 2013 he published his second novel – Love Freedom or Death: a love story set  with the  resistance on WW2 Crete. Available as a paperback and also as an ebook. His 3rd novel ‘Refuse to Forget’ published 2014 – opens in the early months of WW1 seen through the eyes of a 14 year-old boy who lies about his age in order to drive a titled-lady’s private ambulance at the Front. He wants to see action and sees more than he could have imagined…..  The book also deals with the emerging independence of women and the beginnings of breakdown in the class system. Available in paperback and  as an ebook (all formats) and Amazon Kindle for 1.15p


6 responses to “Introduction

  1. Good luck with the launch, looking forward to reading the book.

  2. Wenlan Peng

    I’ve just ordered a copy of your book “The Chinese Attack” and very much look forward to reading it. I am currently trying to gather more background material on the CLC and wonder if it would be possible to make direct contact with you, as I’d like to find out more about your grandfather’s wartime experiences.

  3. Tim Luard

    Hi John, Alison and I missed you on Karpathos this year but we’ve both enjoyed your books. I don’t have your email address but would be grateful if you could get in touch – are you on Facebook?

  4. Hi Tim & Alison Thanks for the message. I hope you’re well. No, I’m not on Facebook. I missed out on Diafani this year: the Thursday ferry from Rodos at 9am, returning at 1.30 the following Tuesday linked in well with UK flights – but they changed the times to 3am and a 1am return for most of the summer so we went to Leros and Kastellorizo instead. The previous year the boat’s captain decided it was too windy to land at Diafani (the fact there were only three people disembarking might have helped his decision). While I was confirming the absence of the community boat and contemplating a night in Pighadia (it would have been three) before the tourist boat north, Nikos’ van appeared so a scenic drive up the now-complete road ensued. Hope to make it next year. Best wishes. Email address: (Omitted at first owing to IT incompetence)

  5. Dear Wenlan Peng My email address is Happy to help though my book is fiction because I decided tracing any details of my grandad’s experiences was nearly impossible. However, I’m happy to pass on any background information I have. Regards

  6. Just moved to codsall and got your book from library lovely to have accomplished author in the village

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